Noah J. Matthews

Kindle Your Destiny

Is there a dream brewing in you?

A creative cauldron bursting with ideas? Do you create worlds at night, or stories in your free time? Society pretends to encourage following your dreams, but it never tells you how to get started. How does a nerd like you pursue your dreams and eat three meals a day doing it?

I’m Noah J. Matthews, and I’m a nerd with dreams too.

I’m pursuing my own nerdy destiny, and I want to inspire you to pursue yours. I have a dream, and it’s that you can make money doing what you love.

I want to activate your journey by inspiring you in your own fantastic worlds, and own fantastic destiny. 

Starving artists should be the exception, not the rule.

Noah J. Matthews

Everyone—even nerds—should be able to pursue their deepest dreams.

On the blog, you’ll find posts to encourage you with how the greats started small, and inspiration for your fantasy worlds in the form of free stories and other content.

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Noah J. Matthews

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