Businesses make things: books, logo-making services, games, fruit snacks.

If you want to make a living out of creative work, you also are going to have to produce something—with confidence that it’ll bring enough value to people that they’ll buy it.

 You see, people only buy things they value.

And that makes sense: you wouldn’t give the cashier three bucks for that candy bar if you didn’t want it, right?

As much as we might complain about prices (I’ll be the first to raise my guilty hand), every transaction you make is “fair.” You agree that this book, or this game, or this bag of groceries is worth more to you than the green bills stuffed in your wallet.

And that’s part of the key to being successful in business: bringing people a valuable transaction to engage in.

That’s what’s happening with this blog right now. You decided that knowing what this article said was worth more than ten minutes of your time. If you subscribed, you decided that staying in the loop about blog posts was worth the space in your inbox.

I thank you for this.

And that’s what I want to empower you to do. I have a couple articles brewing that I think will really help you begin creating value and getting it in front of people, and this is the first little secret.

The Novel Matrix.

Me, with the Novel Matrix, and my short hair

The Novel Matrix is a story structure method developed by Brad Pauquette. Before you start yawning, here’s why I think this will be a game-changer for you.

If your creative dreams have anything to do with story—books, movies, video games—you’re going to need to develop a compelling plot that’ll keep readers (or viewers or players) engaged till the end.

But plot is hard to figure out! Worldbuilding is much more fun.

Believe me: I’ve started at least five novels that I never finished. Why? Because I didn’t have an outline? Because my worlds and characters weren’t interesting?


They failed because 1. I used to quit more easily; and 2. Because I didn’t have a reliable, interesting, flexible plot. Sure I had a string of plot points, but there wasn’t enough direction or drive to reach the finish line and call the draft complete.

With the Novel Matrix, Brad spells out everything you need in your story: 1 universe, 3 acts, 5 conflicts, 7 characters, and 8 major plot points.

And Brad isn’t making this stuff up. These aren’t ideas he came up with: instead, they’re things he’s observed in the movies and books that sell. Brad has simply done all the work to distill it all down into a comprehensive guide that you can read and run with.

Buy the book (which is releasing today I might add), and you can outline a long-form story in a day. The book even gives tips on the hard work of actually writing the thing.

Now obviously a novel is different from a movie or an RPG, but the principles of story structure stay essentially the same.

If your dream is to bring value to people through engaging long-form stories, this book is for you.

Starting today, it’s available for free on Kindle Unlimited, and for $15.95 as a paperback.

Get it now on Amazon!

If you’re not fully committed or want to check it out more, you can download FREE worksheets right now from I love these. Once you understand the concepts of the book, you can outline your long-form story in just a couple hours. I’ve created about six outlines using the worksheets and Novel Matrix structure.

If you want to tell a story that works, this book will help you. Read the Amazon preview, buy it, tell your friends about it.

I want you to pursue your dreams and bring value to the world. You have stories worth telling, skills worth sharing. You can make the world a better place.

I mean it.

If you want to make a living telling stories, buy this book. And then, if you’re brave, tell me about it. I want to hear the stories that you come up with.

You can do this.

Buy the book.

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