Work is assembling car headboards all night.

Work is frying potatoes at McDonald’s and trying to resist the urge to reach into the boiling oil and snatch out a few.

Work is heading to the office for eight hours answering phone calls from angry customers.

Your dream—YOUR dream—is not work. Should not be work. CANNOT be work.

We are artists, we are nerds. We make beautiful things on inspiration, NOT work.

Or not.

Your dream, my dream—no matter how artistic—is WORK.

Check your pulse. Still pumping? Ok, cool, let’s keep moving.

Recently I finished writing a novella. Pumped for the outline, primed for the first few chapters, about one week in and I got DRY AS A BONE!

I could blame writer’s block. But the truth is, writer’s block doesn’t exist, according to Brad Pauquette, Director at The Company. Not in the conventional sense anyways. There is such a thing as feeling dry, and for that a great thing is to read a book—“fill the well” as Pauquette says.

There’s another solution for writer’s block—JUST KEEP WRITING.

And this is the point of this blog—when your dream lacks the sparkle, JUST KEEP GOING.

Dreams take work to accomplish. And sometimes dreams are just work, plain and simple.

I think Brandon Sanderson explains it best.

For those of you who don’t know, Brandon Sanderson is the award-winning author of over 400 books, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. According to, he has a net worth of $6 million.

For those of you who do know and are die-hard fans, I will with sadness admit that I haven’t read more than a chapter-and-a-half of the Sanderson’s great Way of Kings.

“Sit in a chair and write. Ignore this thing they call writer’s block. Doctors don’t get doctor’s block; your mechanic doesn’t get mechanic’s block. If you want to write great stories, learn to write when you don’t feel like it.”

~Brandon Sanderson (BYU Magazine, pulling quote from a podcast.)

And that’s the principle! Whatever your dream may be—writing, film, video games, art, doctor—you have to keep working.

Because dreams are work.

And doctors don’t get doctor’s block.

If you have a dream, work on it.

Now you probably can’t quit your job and put all your time into novels or graphic design, but maybe you can spare an hour.

Some days that hour will be ecstasy.

Other days it will be TERRIBLE.

The key is to keep going.

At The Company, the other students and I are on a fairly rigorous office schedule, so when I get dry working on my novella, guess what? I can’t stop.

It pushes me to continue, to do the hard and messy work even when I don’t feel a drop of inspiration.

Now not everybody has that luxury—of being pushed by a program. (A great program, no less, that YOU could apply to today! I’m not getting paid to say this by the way.)

But what you and I DO share is a passion to create great nerdy works of art—and the fact that doing it is a ton of work.

And when it’s work, just pray, don’t beat yourself up, and KEEP GOING.

Believe me, it’s worth it. I ended up drafting the novella in around two months. I didn’t think that was something people could do before our Director told us to go out and do it.

So, let’s wrap things up, I’m getting tired

(YES it’s only 2pm on a Wednesday).

Dreams are work. You love what you do, and you WILL be inspired at times.

But not always. And that’s when you hunker down and do the work, knowing it’ll be worth it in the end.

Sanderson wrote 12 novels that were all rejected before landing his first book deal (

(Which isn’t bad. Around 99% of manuscripts submitted to publishers get rejected.)

So get to work. Find your rhythm, set a schedule, and achieve your dreams.

After all, doctor’s don’t get “doctor’s block.”

Neither should nerds like us.

Just keep working guys. You can do it.

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