What are you hanging onto?

Fists clenched, unable to let that toy or wound or idea go—that’s one kind of “hanging onto” something. Usually it’s used negatively to reference the things we hold onto that keep us from growing as people.

There’s another kind of “hanging onto” something. It’s when you’re hanging onto a rope to keep you from falling to your death off a cliff.

Now that’s obviously a positive hanging. But the principle, though—having something to hang onto—is one of the keys to succeeding in business, and in life in general.

Just be sure that the rope you’re hanging onto isn’t a noose.

Hanging your hopes on your own willpower or pleasure–that’s a noose. Powering your way through life can get you a little ways, but you’ll completely burn out and might even bulldoze people in your fervor.

Alright, let’s back up.

You’re a nerd. I’m a nerd. We want to make a living doing what we love—creating games, films, or books full of fantasy, interesting to audiences and useful to humanity. Life isn’t meaningless. Even nerds like us want to make a difference—change something.

How do we do that? By chasing our dreams and hanging onto the only thing that won’t let us go—God.

Now, I know God’s a controversial subject (despite the fact that around 80% of Americans believe in God or at least a higher power, according to this study by Pewresearch.org), but I think it’s a subject worth probing for a moment.

First, let’s say you want to succeed as a filmmaker.

What are you holding onto?

Let’s say “family.” You love your family, they love you, and they support you as you rush on with your dreams. Even if your dreams fail, you have your family to fall back on.

Great! Home support is super important; but will they always be there for you? Will they not like something you make and shun you at home? Will they die in a car accident?

Now I’m not telling you to doubt your family’s integrity or to worry that they’ll die any moment. Not at all. But the point remains—family are humans, and humans aren’t perfect if you haven’t noticed. And they die.

Alright, new example. Let’s say you’re a writer and you’re holding onto your dream.

No matter what, that’s the thing that will get you through.

But your dream could fail. Your books could get rejected, and you could work yourself ragged trying to make ends meet. Plus, your dream can’t survive without you to pursue it—that’s co-dependency.

But what about God?

Well, God never dies. He’s literally always there, in every rock and atom.

And (I know it sounds hokey) He actually cares about you. He’s interested in creativity—he invented it! He created the universe with every strange and creepy and beautiful plant and animal and planet.

He also won’t ever try to hurt you or betray your trust. Don’t believe me? This book is an easy-to-read, mystical exploration of how God is absolutely good—He’ll never hurt you, He always wants the best for you.

(I’m not getting paid to share this book—I just love it, believe it’s a great resource for anyone, Christian or not, and it’s free with any donation to Robin D. Bullock’s ministry.)

But what does it look like to hang onto God as you pursue your dream?

Great question! And it’s going to look different for everyone. But basically, here are a few principles.

1—Even if your dream is failing, you trust that God will take care of you.

I’ll take me for example. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t have enough money to get through my apprenticeship program, not even with working five days a week typically. What happens to my dream when I run out of money?

Well, I’m hanging onto God.

So I know that if He wants me to complete the program, He’ll make a way.

Now that doesn’t mean I just sit back and do nothing—I still have to work hard, seize the opportunities that come my way, and try my best to do whatever God tells me.

But if God didn’t want me to complete the program, then He’d reroute my dream to fit His plan.

One thing though—God gave you your dream, so He doesn’t want you to scrap it. It just might turn out that the way He wants it to look is nothing like yours (e.g. hobby v. profession or vice-versa).

2—If God tells you to go a different direction or do something else, you do it.

God knows everything. That’s typically a part of His definition. But if He knows everything and He cares about you, you can be sure that His plan will be the best one.

In my own life, I wanted to wait another year to come to The Company. That way I could save up enough money.

But God had other plans.

He sent me here this year, and you know what? These past few months have been filled with the most growth—dream-wise, spiritual-wise, “life”-wise—than I think ever in my life. His plans are best.

So what about you? What are you hanging onto?

What has your trust and effort above all?

Is it a noose—something that could slip in a moment and hurt you?

God won’t just slip in a moment, and He won’t try to hurt you. Trust Him, guys.

Hang onto that rope. It won’t fail.

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