If you read this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I talk lot about following your dreams.

A big hesitation we probably all have to jumping up and pursuing our dreams is: “I have too many.”

That’s fair.

Right now I’m training to become a novelist, but I also really wanna be a filmmaker. I’d also like to be an actor and improve my drawing skills. Heck, it’d be pretty cool to be a zookeeper as well!

Sometimes I wonder that if by pursuing novel writing, I’m cutting off my chance to pursue my other dreams. How can I pick? Should I?

You’re probably asking similar questions.

Maybe your problem isn’t too many dreams, but not enough—“I don’t even know what I’m passionate about yet.”

Those are both good question. Kids and adults around America are asking themselves the same thing: “What do I really wanna do one day?”

80% of students change their major in college, according to this article from the University of Tulsa.

You’re definitely not alone in your uncertainty.

But here’s a tip: You don’t have to know your deepest passion to start pursuing it.

What?! That doesn’t make any sense, you say, and you’re right. It’s a little weird. Maybe I should put it this way:

Start pursuing something you like TODAY, and as that dream morphs into others you’ll eventually land on the thing you truly love.

Orson Scott Card, bestselling author of Ender’s Game and someone I knew nothing about until I started planning for this blog, has a great story about this process.

According to his website, when Orson was a kid, he loved reading about the mighty exploits of archaeologists. So when he went to college, he naturally enrolled as an archaeology major at BYU in Utah. However, it wasn’t long before he realized he was actually spending most of his time in the theater department.

So Orson changed majors.

He started writing his own plays for theater, even rewriting other student’s plays. Shortly before graduating, Orson went to Brazil for two years as a missionary for the Mormon church.

He returned to the States to finish his bachelor’s in theater—this was in 1975 according to Wikipedia. and started a small theater company that ran out of “The Castle” outdoor amphitheater in Provo, Utah. The company did well in its first summer season, but after a lousy fall and next summer season, Orson had to close the company.

Following the collapse of the theater company, Orson took a full-time job as a copyeditor for BYU. However, this job didn’t bring much money for Orson, so he turned to writing science fiction.

“…Science fiction didn’t pay as well as some of the other markets, but you could sell a short story for a few hundred bucks and so I wrote the story Ender’s Game…” Orson said in this video.

Starting with Ender’s Game and other short stories, Orson eventually moved up to novels (including the full-length Ender’s Game) and became the massive sci-fi and fantasy writer that he is today.

Orson didn’t know he would be a wildly successful science fiction writer. He thought he’d be an archaeologist.

But as he pursued his dreams and saw them morph into other dreams, he chased after each new one until he landed on what he truly loved and could sustain.

You can do the same! Just because you want to be a game developer and a graphic artist, doesn’t mean you have to narrow it down to pursue one.

So just pick one! And run with it—see where it leads you.

Life is too short to wait to do something you love.

So find something you love—something creative—and chase it.

You might fail. I might fail. But that’s when we pick ourselves up, and look to God who gave us dreams in the first place.

One thing I’ve learned about God is that He loves to help His kids.

(And by “His kids” I mean “all humans.”) If we ask Him for help, He does—in very real ways.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick story:

Some months ago I’d made some mistakes and was sitting at home feeling awful about them. I flipped open my Bible, and it landed on Luke 7—where Jesus tells a sinner that she’s forgiven because she loves Him so much. That hit me so hard (especially since it’s not something I read often), and it gave me the strength to keep going that day.

So jump ahead. Pursue your dreams.

It’s okay if you don’t know what they are yet, and it’s okay if you fail. God will help pick you back up.

Today, jot down ONE creative career you’d love to pursue. Tomorrow, start researching how to make it happen.

Just. Jump. Ahead.

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