The warrior stood on the edge of the forest, sword grasped limply in his hands. The eaves of the trees hung down like the beards of monsters, exhaling their putrid breath in his face.

Money is scary.

It’s like the shadow of Mordor or the pull of the One Ring looming over our lives, whispering “You need me. You won’t survive without me.”

And like any devil, it has a point. There’s precious little you can do in this world without money—housing, food, clothes, recreation, it all costs money. And if you want to put your creativity to work and pursue your dreams, you’re going to have to come to terms with money.

You have something to offer the world—your stories, your games, your brilliant ideas. To change the world with your creativity and live comfortably doing it, you have to turn your talents to BUSINESS.

Business. Terrifying. Business is money and taxes and marketing and YUCK!

You’re not alone in that opinion—that’s what I would’ve said a year or two ago. Nevertheless, we gotta admit that money is essential. We have to talk about money.

I hate talking about money.


When I think of money, I think of bills. I think about the possibility of not having enough to keep me in The Company’s program.

That fear of money will always keep us—me, you, everybody—from actually succeeding in pursuing our dreams. We’ll call this thinking Monadros: Bane of Success.

What’s the fix?


Well, last week I was listening to a podcast, and the guest happened to be Tony Robbins, someone I’d never heard of but is incredibly successful—he has a net worth of around $600M and is one of the top business gurus in the world. He’s also coached some of the top names in the world—Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Princess Diana.

At any rate, on the podcast and also on his website, Tony told a story of how he conquered “Monadros” (as we call it) and the fear of scarcity.

Before being a millionaire and top-level financial advisor, Tony Robbins came from a fairly poor family. I’m not exactly sure at what point in Tony’s life this story occurred, but it was certainly before he was the wildly successful businessman he is today.

Watch the video, have your mindset blown, and continue the article.


I want to join Tony’s words—that’s the point I want to make here today:

GIVING is the secret to losing your fear of money.


Now. I’m still a bit scared of money. I’m not excited when I think about it. But I’m beginning to learn that when I see a friend who needs help and act on that unction—give over the money I’d rather save for rent—I feel better. I feel freer.

Because I’m not a slave to money anymore.

Its “limits” won’t control me. I am master of my money.




Your dreams are important.

The cluster of desert moons in your head, or your folder of gameplay rules on your computer—those things can make the world a better place.

You probably have some job right now that pays your bills or you use to save for college or spend on software, books, or games. That’s great! I’m doing the same thing!

At The Company, our Director told us something along these lines: “Spend your money how you want to spend your money.”

In other words, do you want to be, say, saving for an emergency, or putting money into your dream, or paying off loans, or being generous? Then do it! Even if it’s $5 to a category, do it.

I’m still a long way off from where I want to be—in the money I have, and in the mindset I spend it with. But together, we can learn.

Money doesn’t have to be scary.

The way to break the fear of money is giving it. So give! If you’ve got a church, or a friend, or maybe a younger sibling who you’d like to make happy—just do it. God will bless you for it.

I believe that you all are strong enough warriors to slay Monadros for yourself. Go in peace, and victory.


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