To become successful in your dreams, you have to find the correct major in college and then graduate with a degree in it, right?



I’ll admit, years ago when I first wanted to be a writer, I thought you had to go to college and become a professor first (after all, that’s what C.S. Lewis did!). It was around the time that I watched this video that my mind became changed.



Some professions (like a lawyer) require a college degree. But for creative careers such as author, artist, game programmer, or filmmaker, there is no degree required. Often the best thing you can do to pursue your dreams and launch yourself into those careers is simple practice at home.



College can be helpful, but it doesn’t have to be our first instinct.



As an example, let’s look at Peter Jackson’s story.



When Peter Jackson was only nine years old, he saw King Kong for the first time. He was so inspired that he wanted to be a filmmaker himself.



He started gathering toys, friends, and his parents’ camera to create his own movies. This was not just a phase—Peter made movies up into his early teens and beyond.



Peter even dropped out of high school so he could get a job and start pursuing his film dreams.



Let me ask you a question—would you defy societal conventions to pursue your dream?



Now I’m not saying that dropping out of high school or college is the best way to zero in on your dream career. But sometimes, that’s what it takes.



Peter worked full-time as a photo-engraver, living at home while he saved up for a great camera. Once all his equipment was bought, Peter began filming the splatter comedy Bad Taste on weekends, with many of his friends as actors.



At some point during production, the New Zealand Film commission recognized Peter’s talent and gave him a $30,000 grant to finish the film.



Peter then quit his job and worked on the film full-time, getting another $200,000 grant to complete post-production.



Bad Taste was taken to the International Film Festival where it did extremely well. Following its success, Peter went on to write and direct several more horror-style films before eventually creating the iconic Lord of the Rings trilogy.



So that’s Peter Jackson’s story—your dreams are important, and you don’t have to follow regular social convention to pursue them.



College is nice. You learn a lot in college. But not as much as actually getting your hands dirty and pursuing your dreams yourself.



I think you guys can succeed in your dreams—even if it’s hard or unconventional.



What’s a dream that you want to pursue? Comment below to let me know—I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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