About Noah

Hi! I’m Noah J. Matthews—writer, amateur filmmaker, Christian, and nerd.

I have a burning desire within me for the people of this world to experience God’s best—a destiny filled with purpose, hope, and excitement. God put a gift in you, and you should be able to pursue it.

It’s so easy to get discouraged about your dream—it’s too big, it’s too crazy, it’s too small. Let’s cast that thinking to the curb. Even if it’s hard, anyone can pursue their dreams—even fantasy nerds like you and me.

Fantasy is important—it shows the world in a way we’ve never seen it, and in that, we change. We think about things differently now because we’ve seen them in a different light.

We have hope for our future because we’ve watched a tiny hobbit foil the plots of a dark lord.

We believe in forgiveness because we’ve seen a magical Lion die for a traitor.

This is the power of fantasy.

 It’s not a waste of time, even if your own worlds don’t have earth-shattering themes yet.

I want to inspire you in your own fantastic worlds and help kindle the fire of your own fantastic destiny!



In the late winter of 2005, I emerged into this world. Like most, I was covered in blood and crying my head off. Thankfully that phase didn’t last long.

I grew up most of my life in the state of Michigan, and currently I’m residing in the lower in latitude but higher in altitude state of Ohio. (Lucky for me I don’t follow football. If I did you might see my head on a pike at the side of an Appalachian highway.)

Since I was eight years old or so I’ve wanted to tell stories. First for the money, but now to bring real value into people’s lives.

There are a million (I exaggerate) worlds spinning around in my head, and I’m so excited to begin bringing them to life for people.

Right now I’m at a writing apprenticeship program called The Company, where we’re being trained how to write well and make money doing it.

This is so exciting and encouraging to me, and I want to encourage you—through the stories of those who’ve succeeded already, through inspiration for your own life and stories, and through helping you take those steps to begin pursuing your dream right now. Shalom.

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