I’ve never broken a bone.

Which is amazing considering two and a half weeks ago I was hit by a car.

I’ve already shared this story briefly on social media and on my give page, but I’ll recap it here for you. (Big shoutout to all who’ve donated so far—your support is greatly appreciated!)

Me and the other apprentices at The Company went with our director to the Ohio Writer’s Conference on May 4th.

It was a cool event, Brad Pauquette led a great session, and we drove home to Cambridge, Ohio.

I hopped on my moped, revved the engine, started up the street, and before I turned off, I was wiped out by a car.

I’m not sure whether it was my fault or his, but regardless, the moped was totaled and I was hauled away on a stretcher.

I joked around with the nurses at the hospital and was lucky enough to get a CT scan, x-ray, and a couple of stitches.

But this article isn’t about the hospital trip or the crazy things I said as I was flying through the air toward the sidewalk.

What I want to share with you today is one important factor about pursuing your dreams that I didn’t realize.

There are some things I CAN’T actually do.

Let me explain.

Though I didn’t die or break a bone, getting hit by a car does a number on your body. For the first week or two I limped badly, both my knees in pain, my arm stiffly wrapped up to keep in the road rash goop.

Also, the moped was literally in pieces (mainly the plastic siding), my stitches might tear if I rode my bike, and walking hurt a lot.

So I needed help. And people DID.

Alli Prince—my girlfriend, R.J. Catlin and Vella Karman—the other apprentices, Brad Pauquette and his family, the people at Redeeming Passion Ministries; they all rallied together to help me get to school and work and church and everywhere.

I felt bad, though. I didn’t want to be a burden.

Could I actually be doing all this stuff myself? I wasn’t in constant pain, and I did have a bike—was I just being a baby by letting people help me?

Most of my life I figured that, if I tried hard enough and used enough willpower, I could do anything. I could get myself to school or lift two 100-lb feed bags or live out my faith perfectly—if only I grit my teeth and tried hard enough.

On my first day back to work after the accident, I was wrestling with those thoughts. I recall opening the fridge in the back of the shop and trying to lift out a massive bin of grated cheese (50 lbs maybe).

My arms were shaking, I grit my teeth, pain shot through my knees and thigh and tailbone.

And the thought came to me: “There are some things I can’t actually do.”

And I let go. Called for someone to help me.

When we’re pursuing our dreams, we might feel like we have to carry everything ourselves. Well, it’s not just that you shouldn’t, you actually can’t.

And there are some things you’re not strong enough to do. Maybe that’s juggling three jobs while maintaining an active church life. Maybe that’s building your marketing business while you have a newborn baby.

I’m not saying these are not possible. But the principle is sometimes you can’t muscle it—you have to hand it over to God and see what He does.

Sometimes that’s giving you a new strategy for how to attack your problem or balance your life. Sometimes that’s getting help from someone else—maybe you need an accountant for your business or a graphic designer for your website.

And sometimes that’s dropping something (like a job or hobby or dream) for a time and waiting until the right time to pick it up again.

So I wanna ask you today: is there something you’re trying to do or carry that you’re just not strong enough for? If you’re really stressed right now, that could be a reason why.

If you’d like to donate toward a new moped, doctor’s bills if they arise, or expenses in general, please visit my “Give” page below. If it’s on your heart, do it. And if it’s not, don’t. 

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