The wind swept the sands of *Ai’éko into living waves—exhaling dry dust into the blistering air.
Sand rolled off the backs of the dunes in their solemn desert march. Then one of the dunes stopped—turned around—sandy eyes opening against the wind…

Now if that line got you excited, you’re probably a nerd—which is a compliment!

After all, I’m a nerd—and I have the minifigs to prove it. I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but I am one of the guys who gets the set for the cool figs and not for the sophisticated Lego-building experience.

As nerds, we love fandom, story, worldbuilding; and creating our own.

I’ll wager a guess that most creative nerds have dreams of making a living doing what they love—creating games, books, stories, etc. I know I did.

But where do you start?

If you love the idea of being an attorney you take four years of undergraduate study and three years of law school and boom you’re a lawyer. But if you love creating worlds and stories, where do you go?

“Pursue your dreams!” screams society, and yet they never seem to stop and answer the vital question of “HOW?”

So you move on, playing D&D in your free time while hating your life and working a $12-an-hour job at a fast-food place.

I don’t want that to be your fate.

I want to encourage and inspire you in your dreams, especially in the practical side of getting your hands dirty with creating and selling content.

A note. I’m not making millions a year and I don’t have fifty awards hanging on my wall. But here’s what I do have.

I DO have a dream, and I AM on a very real path to make it a reality. So I can’t reach down and pull you from the slough of uncertainty onto the mountain of success. But I can bring you along in my journey, and encourage you on yours.

Here’s how I plan to help you get excited about your dreams and start putting them to work:

1. Stories of Small Beginnings

How did Peter Jackson get his start? J.K. Rowling? Elon Musk? It’s encouraging to hear the stories of the successful, and how small they really started.

There are plenty of tips to be gleaned from their stories, and that’s what I hope to do with the blog—investigate the small beginnings of the successful, and find the hints that will help and inspire you in your own dreams.

2. Personal Brainstorming Sessions

Advice from a blog is one thing—actually talking to another creative is another. If you want to discuss your world or story, need ideas for your journey, or want someone to pray about your destiny, reach out to me!

Once you’ve sent in the contact form, we can open up the conversation—figure out what you’d like to talk about and when.

Whether you prefer to talk over email, live chat (like Discord or Google Chat), or an audio or video call (Zoom or Discord), I’m here to listen, to pray, to give ideas.


Everyone should be able to pursue their dreams—even nerds. Let’s kindle YOUR fantastic destiny.

*unless otherwise noted, italicized quotes like this are written by me spur-of-the-moment.

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