I’m not content with where I’m at.

Anybody else feel this? I want to grow more as a person, I want to chase harder after my dreams and the people that mean the most to me.

There’s always further to go, more to conquer, more money to make.

Soon I’ll be getting professional author photos taken by the incredible Melissa Pauquette. I’ve always been a little uncomfy around pictures. Which is weird since I want to act one day.

But regardless, on Monday, our director was giving us some advice about pictures—we even had to get up and practice some smiles and poses.

And then he said something interesting.

He said something to the effect of: “Wherever you are, you’re living somebody’s dream.”

You’re living somebody’s dream.

You’re in high school bogged down with tests and working every evening? You might not like it, but somebody out there wishes they had it like you. They almost wish they could be living at home, busy with work and school instead of directing big-budget movies in Algeria.

Maybe you live on a homestead, cleaning up after animals while you try to run a graphic design business in your free time. Somebody out there wishes they could be out of the city and getting their hands dirty like you are.

It’s an amazing thought, right? Even if you’re not happy with where you are, somebody else would be perfectly content living your life.

So why not us? Why can’t WE be content with where we are?

It’s important to have aspirations—dreams to strive for, people to befriend, money to make.

But it’s equally important to be content with where you are right now.

Let’s think about this.

Where you are might not be ideal, but fretting over the future isn’t going to help you in the long run. Worry can increase blood pressure and even raise your blood sugar, according to WebMD.com.

So while we want to be chasing our dreams, we don’t want to worry our way to them.

What we want to do is be content, and I think this is best illustrated in the title of a book by Joyce Meyer, popular Bible teacher.

The book is called “Enjoying Where You Are on the Way to Where You Are Going.”

That’s a great way to put it! Keep your eyes locked on the goal, but enjoy each moment—be content in the process.

This is something I’m still learning. I want to be a professional writer, actor, filmmaker. Right now, I’m training to be an author while working at a pizza shop.

Even though I sometimes get frustrated with my life, somebody out there wishes they could be biking down Ohio hills every day, making pizzas while pursuing their dream.

It’s good to look at the bright shiny dream.

We just have to be careful that it’s not so bright it blinds us to where we are and what we’re doing right now.

So be content, man! Be happy! You’re literally living somebody’s dream.

And isn’t that a comfort? That, even if we haven’t arrived at our dream yet, we have met somebody else’s. And if they could see us now, they would be encouraged to chase what we already have.

Rest in the fact that you’ve come this far, and you’re living A dream, even if it’s not THE dream.

So, answer in the comments: What’s your life look like right now?

Because it’s somebody’s dream, even if it’s not yours.

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