Alright. You wanna follow your dreams. You wanna stop dilly-dallying and start something TODAY.

Here’s our problem: “something” is way too vague of a word to act upon.

Instead of saying, “Let’s do something for our dreams,” try “I’m gonna sit down and write for ten minutes every evening,” or “I’ll draw one portrait each weekend.”

There we go. Now our vague “something” can actually become something. We actually put the shovel in the ground instead of letting it lean against the garage wall.

I had dreams of becoming a writer. So what did I do?

I sometimes wrote. Sometimes, you say? Correct. Isn’t that lame, you ask? Correct again.

I was that inconsistent, procrastinating writer who never finished a story.

It was only when I adopted the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum that I actually started writing consistently, because I had to write every day for school. That was how it worked. Chapter a week. Novel in 3-6 months.

After I finished the curriculum, I lapsed again. (I’m really not great at consistency, you see?)

Now as an apprentice at The Company, I do the work of a writer five days a week. Sometimes I draft or revise my novella. Sometimes I write blog articles (ha! Like right now), and sometimes I do social media marketing and platform-building.

Each day, I do something for my dream of becoming a professional novelist. But that something isn’t open-ended. That’s the beauty of a program or a curriculum. Because instead of a wispy “something” floating around in my head, I have around ten specific tasks lined up with deadlines approaching.

But enough about me.

What about you?

What’s something specific YOU can do, for your dream, TODAY?

One, you could apply for The Company full-time apprenticeship program. It doesn’t take long, and even if you aren’t accepted I believe it’d be a valuable experience. But you better hurry: applications close May 15th.

Want something practical with a little less commitment?

I’ve got you covered.

Spring Writing Contest

This spring, The Company is hosting a writing contest. Winner takes home $100 to Amazon and publication to The Pearlan online magazine filled with curiously good Kingdom literature.

The theme is “Buried,” and the story has to be 1,500 words or less (which means you can write it really quickly). Deadline is July 1st.

Why am I advertising this? Reason #1: I’m one of the judges.

Yep, you heard that right: me, R.J. Catlin, and Vella Karman will be judging the Spring Writing Contest this year—which I’m excited for, since I’ve never judged a contest before.

Reason #2: I’m the managing editor of The Pearl. Feels very strange and official, but Brad Pauquette, director of The Company, is letting me manage The Pearl in order to learn about the business of publication and working with writers, not just writing myself.

According to this article by Publishing Perspectives, Joseph Epstein said that “81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them — and should write it.”

I’d guess that most of those people want their work published.

Well, if that’s you—someone who’s aspiring to publish but doesn’t have time to write a whole novel this month—I’d highly recommend submitting to the Spring Writing Contest.

Even though it’s online-only, The Pearl is a legit place to get published—developmental edits, publication agreements and all.

This is a way to pursue your dreams, right now, TODAY.

So why not submit?

Put that shovel in the ground, and start unburying the treasure trove of your dreams.

Read the submission guidelines here.

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